Our clients

Chartered Accounting and Statutory Auditing

Our clients are principally small and medium businesses of from 1 to 50 employees.
Our areas of expertise are as follows:

SMEs (specific sectors)
- Real estate (estate agents, property dealers, rental management)
- Retail (opticians, ready-to-wear, perfumery)
- Wholesale trade (import-export)
- Construction (builder, structural work, finishing work)
- Service sector (computer consulting and engineering, IT services companies, business management consulting, marketing & communication
- Transport of goods and people
- Audiovisual (production, rights management)

Liberal professions, independents
- Health (pharmacists, dentists, doctors)
- Consultants (lawyers, architects)
- Real estate (sales agents)
- Performing artists

However, we also work for large companies, either on a single occasion or on a recurring basis.

Single assignments :

- Reconciliation between two accounting systems following a transfer from SAGE to SAP for a multinational in the insurance sector.

- Putting in place a shared service centre (SSC) for a public sector company in the energy sector

- Closing accounting period and reconciliation between French and American accounts for a multinational in the audiovisual sector.

- Establishing accounting procedures in a public service establishment.

- Auditing procedures and verifying reliability of the reporting for a national company in the publishing industry

- Putting in place VAT monitoring tools for an international company in the telephony sector