Management Consultancy


The scorecard, which is produced from the data in your accounts, gives you management indicators essential for your decision-making. It allows you to monitor the situation and react to changes to your business and your market, enabling you to carry out corrections and adjust your strategy in real time.

Monitoring Cash Flow

We carry out a monthly review of your cash flow requirements based on your estimates of revenue and expenditure. You can therefore envisage either an investment in the event of a surplus or take appropriate measures to find financing is case of a deficit, such as an overdraft, or collateralising your receivables.

Intermediate situation review

By establishing interim accounts at a given date, you have a snapshot of the situation of your business. This intermediate review allows you to adapt your plans and take the right decisions in time, without waiting to see the bottom line at the end of the year.

Other management assignments

We can assist you in managing your business by offering various services such as an analysis of cost prices or the return on an investment. These tools help you to make the best choices in the running of your business.