Chartered Accounting

Accounting & Bookkeeping Tasks

Routine accounting or bookkeeping are the most common tasks for charted accountants. We offer our clients several ways to perform routine accounting. Every situation being different, we help you find the solution best suited to your circumstances:

Internalization of accounting : You purchase accounting software and the entries are carried out partially or fully by you. We intervene principally for the registration of the inventory entries and the closing balance sheet as well as to perform an overall review of the accounts.

Outsourcing of accounting : The accounting is done entirely by ourselves on our own accounting software. But you can also choose to outsource just a part of your accounting such as handling the fixed assets file for example.

Partial outsourcing of accounting : The accounts are maintained jointly by our accountant and yourselves using our accounting software to which you have access. You can view and modify your accounts online. You do not need to buy any accounting software. The working agreement defines the allocation of the accounting tasks between yourselves and our accountant.

Limited reviews of financial statements

You may have an accounts department that carries out the routine bookkeeping and accounting but you want the work to be reviewed by professionals to ensure their reliability.

We can perform a full or partial review of your accounts.

We can also help you establish intermediate situation reviews, either for your internal use or if required by third parties such as a bank or your investors.

These assignments meet both the internal and external needs for financial and accounting information of the business, and are based on the following elements:

Information provided by the management of the business,
Technical review to ensure the correctness and form of the accounting,
Our accountant's professional experience and knowledge of the business and its environment to assess the consistency and credibility of the financial statements.

At the end of our mission and according to the nature of the work entrusted to us, an attestation is attached to the documents that we return to your business.

Fiscal Assignments

Tax returns

In the course of our accounting assignments we undertake the preparation of your various tax returns.

- Preparation of monthly and annual tax returns
- Preparation of the tax reports
- Development of the package of consolidated tax documents

As part of the various accounting tasks, we also assist individuals in the completing the various tax declarations required by the administration.

Tax advice

Whether it's a matter of personal or professional tax affairs, we can advise you in tax matters, bringing in other specialised professionals with whom we are partners, where necessary.