Advice and Expertise

Company formation

To assist the future businessman or woman in the various stages in setting up a business, Exalys Audit & Expertise have created a business creation package.

Our objective is to help the potential entrepreneur achieve his ambition without having the headache of the administrative procedures.

Our package is adapted to each individual's needs but essentially deals with the legal stages necessary for the creation of a company:

Assistance in the choice of legal form
Assistance with the choice of the legal status to choose for the director or manager, depending on their professional and personal situation

This package also consists of help in getting your project underway by providing you with the accounting tools to carry it through:

Feasibility study
Development of a business plan
Establishing a financial plan
Help with finding the necessary finance

Individual entrepreneurs

French legislation has recently simplified the formalities so that now anyone can start a business without having to form a limited company. Exalys Audit & Expertise offer an advice service to anybody who is thinking of setting themselves up as self employed, including a study of the merits of self employed status with regard to their particular project and their professional and personal situation.

We can also help verify the feasabilty and financial viability of your project.

Assignment and Transfer

The sale or transfer of the business, total or partial, is an important event in the life of a company, which should be undertaken methodically. Whether it's the sale of shares, the sale of the clientele or the takeover of a company in liquidation our firm can help you with the various stages by making a number of services available to the management and the future buyers:

Evaluation of the business or its goodwill
Legal assistance
Assistance in choosing the terms of sale (sale of shares, sale of clientele...)
Fiscal advice in connection with the sale

Occasional accounting assistance

Exalys Audit & Expertise offers its services to businesses requiring occasional audits to carry out specific tasks. Our accountants (some of whom have worked in large international accounting firms) have acquired their diverse skills in companies of all sizes and in all sectors. This enables us to undertake assignments in many areas such as:

Accounting Documents: Assistance in producing the annual financial accounts, assistance related to an exceptional increase in activity, job replacement, reducing the time lapse in providing financial information.
Management control: Putting in place reporting procedures, forecasting, analysis of cost prices, cost reduction..
Accounting organisation: Assistance in drafting and setting up accounting procedures; assistance in selecting and using accounting tools.

You have at your disposal all our skills to respond to all your needs and all your questions.

Consolidation / Reporting

Whatever the size of your group, whether it's a legal or contractual consolidation, we can assist you in the preparation of your consolidated accounts in one of three ways:

Outsourcing the production of the consolidated accounts
Accounting assisting with the preparation of the consolidated accounts
A contractual audit of the consolidated accounts

Our firm is attentive to your requirements and will provide you with the solution best suited to you.

Legal assistance

Working with law firms specializing in business law, mergers & acquisitions, fiscal and labour law, we can help draft the legal acts relative to the life of the business.

Drafting the statutes
Drafting routine legal acts, legal secretarial work
Completion of registration formalities and their deposition

We provide a simple and complete solution to meet the accounting and legal obligations of your business.

Payroll and Social Security

The requirements concerning social law depend on the size of the business. We offer a comprehensive range of services

Preparation of payroll slips
Establishment of social security declarations
Drafting employment contracts (in collaboration with lawyers specialised in employment law)
Assistance in recruitment of accounting staff
Audit of the social security sector
Assistance in setting up a company savings plan, a bonus scheme .....

Technical Consultation

We also offer technical consultations that may be one-off or on-going. We bring to the table our knowledge and experience of technical accounting issues, fiscal or social.

We have set up packages which, depending on the area concerned, can provide you with a specialised response, bringing in, if necessary, professionals in the particular matter.


We offer a comprehensive range of services to train your personnel

We can organise workshops on the topics of accounting and taxation so that everyone can update their knowledge.
Vous souhaitez homogénéiser les méthodes de travail de vos salariés en matière de traitement de la comptabilité.

We can help standardize the working practices of your employees in the accounting department.