Statutory audit

The statutory audit attests to the accuracy of the accounting and financial information but also serves to forewarn and an assessment of the results enable the manager to react appropriately. As well as an audit, it is a means of evaluating the efficiency of an organisation.

Our working methods are those employed in the most renowned accounting firms and we maintain the strictest respect of the ethical rules that govern our profession. The audit tools which we have at our disposal and the experience of our team assure our clients of a statutory audit carried out with diligence under optimum conditions.

Contract Auditing

Our accountants are also trained and have significant experience in the domain of contract auditing. We undertake work directly related to the assignment but can also play a role in other work that requires auditing techniques.

Exalys Audit & Expertise undertake the following tasks

Audit of accounting procedures
Audit of the payroll
Audit of frauds
Due diligence audit for acquisitions

We adapt our procedures to the type of assignment and work with the utmost respect for the guidelines set out by the legislation.